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  • 8/12/2021

        Main Number to the Officials Office is 405-594-0211

           Welcome to the OSSAA Officiating Home Page


                 2021-22 OOA EXECUTIVE BOARD

                 Region 1 – Kyal Johnston  (kman7200@gmail.com)

                 Region 2 – Danny Gaches  (dgaches@stillwater.org)

                 Region 3 – Fred Poteete  (fredpoteete@sbcglobal.net) Vice President

                 Region 4 – Charlie Ednie  (cednie@lawtonps.org)

                 Region 5 – Gerald Winnard (geraldwinnard@sbcglobal.net)

                 Region 6 – Brison McSwain (brisonmcswain@yahoo.com) President

                 Region 7 – Bobby Kelley (bkelleyok@gmail.com)

                 Region 8 – Mike Stevenson (twosport@aol.com)


    VERY IMPORTANT…OFFICIALS THAT RECEIVED PACKETS IN SPRING 2020 FOR BASEBALL, TRACK AND SOFTBALL SHOULD KEEP YOUR PACKETS.  SPRING SPORT RULE BOOKS WILL NOT BE PRINTED IN 2021.  There will be no rule changes.  Testing and rule meeting information with be given at a later date.

    Fast pitch officials for the school year 2020-2021 will receive a packet BUT WILL NEED TO KEEP THAT PACKET FOR 2021 SLOW PITCH AND FAST PITCH FOR FALL 2021. 


                      OFFICIALS VS CANCER 


    2019 Oklahoma Officials Hall of Fame Inductees: Delmer Summers of Stroud, Bill Harper of Claremore, Clyde Smith of Calera, Eddie Moore of Oklahoma City, Hal Deitz of Owasso(not pictured) .


    Oklahoma Officials Associaiton Hall of Fame Members present at the OOA Hall of Fame induction July 20, 2019 at Southmoore High School.






    If you are interested in becoming an official for the very first time, or if you have never enrolled with the OSSAA before click on the link below to learn how officials get started in Oklahoma. This short presentation will inform you on how to begin the process of enrolling.

    How to be an OSSAA Official

    If you are interested in enrolling with OSSAA or re-enrolling with OSSAA (enrollments are by the school year, July 6 to May 15. Using Google Chrome go to ossaa.com Click on Officials and the Registration Portal will pop up.


    2018 OOA Hall of Fame Inductees

     David Gore, Jerod Phillips for Buddy Phillips, Mike Whaley,

      Ron Etheridge, Eddie  Jackson               


             OOA Hall of Fame members present at the 2018 Induction

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